Cisgender Women Show Support For The Inclusion Of Transgender Women

by : Cameron Frew on : 27 Oct 2021 17:41
Cisgender Women Show Support For The Inclusion Of Transgender WomenAlamy

Cisgender women have been supporting transgender women online following the publication of a ‘bigoted’, incendiary article. 

Yesterday, October 26, BBC News shared an article titled We’re being pressured into sex by some trans women by Caroline Lowbridge. Stretching to 3,850 words, it contains a number of anecdotes and appears to have based its headline on a survey of just 80 women issued by an anti-trans ‘grassroots lesbian feminist activist group’.


The piece was immediately criticised and debunked across social media. Amid further scrutiny of the BBC’s practices around LGBTQ+ issues coming after reports that the broadcasting body is expected to ditch Stonewall’s diversity scheme, cisgender women have been expressing their support and condemning transphobia.

In the wake of the article, #CisWithTheT has been trending on Twitter, currently placed at number four in the UK. ‘Because, as nearly every poll shows (except the ones conducted amongst 80 hand-picked transphobes), the majority of cis women support trans inclusivity, but are silenced by a minority of hateful bigots,’ Max Morgan tweeted.

‘I’m a cis woman who is constantly infuriated at how feminism is co-opted to further hurt and marginalise trans and enby folk. Your lives matter, your rights matter, your happiness matters,’ Dr. Amy Walker tweeted.


‘I am a cisgender woman and I stand with my trans friends and family. I’m regularly silenced by the #WomenWontWheesht TERF crowd for supporting trans rights. Supporting trans women as the women they are does NOT jeopardise my rights as a woman. Sisters not Cisters,’ Amy tweeted.

‘This whole vile argument is a ridiculous distraction from the real perpetrators of violence against women, because cis men certainly don’t need to ‘pretend to be women’ in order to abuse, rape and murder (trans & cis) women,’ Hannah Kitching also wrote.


‘I’m a cis woman who is almost paralysed with rage at seeing trans people attacked by the same headlines used to demonise gay people in 80s/90s & equally sick of having my voice stolen by bigots. Trans women are welcome in women’s spaces because they’re women end of #CisWithTheT,’ Elaine tweeted.

An open letter to the BBC regarding Lowbridge’s article has already amassed more than 10,000 signatures. ‘The article headline may use the word ‘some’, but the clear implication of the article and its headline is that transgender women as a minority group pose a threat to cisgender lesbians, and should therefor have their rights restricted in the UK,’ it reads.

‘Platforming bigotry is not impartiality, and the BBC needs to recognise that. Painting an entire group as potentially dangerous based on anecdotes is a deeply dangerous act.’


You can sign the letter here.

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Open Letter
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    An open letter to the BBC regarding an article published by Catherine Lowbridge