City Called ‘Hangtown’ To Remove Noose From Its Logo As Residents Say It’s ‘Symbol Of Racism’

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City Called Hangtown Votes To Remove Noose From Its Logo As Residents Say It's 'Symbol Of Racism' KCRA

The California city of Placerville, formerly known as ‘Hangtown’, is removing the noose from its logo after residents decided it was a ‘symbol of racism’.

Placerville City Council voted in favour of removing the noose after hearing from distressed residents for more than three hours during a council meeting over Zoom.


The noose, which has been part of the logo for 40 years, is pictured hanging from a tree branch behind a miner in the image, which gives a nod to Placerville’s prestigious history as a mining town. But today’s residents connect the noose to a more recent, darker period in US history: the lynching of Black people – a period many Americans don’t wish to be reminded of.

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Placerville’s former name of Hangtown dates back to the Gold Rush era. In 1848, more than one thousand merchants, seamen and soldiers flocked to the town after gold was discovered. It was during this period that robberies and murders became commonplace, and in 1849, the first hangings for stealing gold from miners at knifepoint took place.


The hangings were carried out on a giant white oak tree, which was aptly named ‘The Hangman’s Tree’. The stump of the tree can still be found in Placerville, hidden in the cellar of a bar on Main Street, according to the City of Placerville’s website.

The Hangman's Tree is a tourist attraction in Placerville. It has a figurine hanging from the second floor.KCRA

The noose in Placerville’s logo is only believed to have been around for 40 years. While some residents argue it’s part of the city’s history, others feel offended by it and believe it should be removed.

‘This meeting has been a long time coming,’ admitted Mayor Dennis Thomas during the meeting.


‘The noose does not symbolise anything other than hangings as a punishment for lawbreakers,’ one resident insisted in a letter to the City Council. Another simply wrote, ‘Keep the noose and stop the cancel culture.’

'Black LIves Matter' and 'Lose The Noose' boards are hung on fences in Placerville.KCRA

‘A noose is a symbol death. A noose is a symbol of lynching. A noose is a symbol of racism,’ another resident told KRCA News after the meeting.

Others are on the fence and said that while it doesn’t offend them personally, they wouldn’t want any of their fellow residents to feel offended, and would therefore be in favour of taking it down.


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The logo appears on buildings, vehicles and other landmarks throughout the city, and it’s estimated that it will cost around $5,3400 to remove it, according to KCRA News. The timespan of the removal isn’t yet known.

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