Clarks Respond Brilliantly To Kid’s ‘Two Right Shoes’ Complaint – WARNING: Contains Transformers



After an epic fail in a Clarks shoe shop, the company managed to redeem themselves in brilliant fashion.

John Hinder from Edinburgh took to the Facebook page of the shoe shop to post a complaint after he bought a pair of shoes for his son.

His nine year old son, Sam, was left gutted and unable to wear his new trainers, after getting them home and opening the box to see two right shoes.

Sam is a massive fan of Transformers, so his dad asked Clarks if they would draw a picture of Optimus Prime to cheer the lad up.

Not to let their customers go wanting… Clarks responded.


They lived up to their word, and sure enough, a drawing of Optimus Prime turned up for Sam. But not only that, they also got their Transformer mate to write Sam a letter.



John said:

Rather than a rant I thought it would be interesting to have a bit of fun with my “complaint” and see how Clarks would respond.

The outcome was a very happy child and a great brand experience for my wife and I.

We’ve shared the pictures back on the Clarks Facebook page and they’ve received a fair-few likes, helping to cement their position as providers of excellent customer service.

In the end, what could’ve been a tedious complaint turned into a light-hearted, fun and positive experience for everyone involved and a major win for Clarks’ customer service.


Nice work Clarks. So cool of you to get your mate Optimus Prime involved.