Classic 16-bit Disney Games Now Available On PC


Game distribution service is re-releasing three classic Disney games on PC in all their original 16-bit glory.

Now, before you complain that Disney is just for kids (it isn’t) and that these games are too easy (they weren’t) it is my duty to point out that the Aladdin, Jungle Book, and Lion King tie-ins were actually really fucking good.

All three titles were released on the SNES and the Sega Genesis back in the day (remember those?) and are presented on PC and Mac with full controller support, plus original sound and graphics.

All three were (and still are) stellar examples of 2D platforming, and probably some of the best tie-in videogames around.

The only way to get hold of these before was through dodgy emulation, or to hunt down the original carts and corresponding console – so this is a brilliantly convenient way to relive your childhood (or get in on the fun for the first time).


You can get the games here for £6.99 each, or buy ’em all together for £14.07 (a 30 percent discount).

If you can ignore the fact that Aladdin clearly slaughters a whole bunch of people, you’re in for a weekend of childish glee.