Clearest Ever Images Of Area 51 Show What Secretive ‘Alien Base’ Is Really Like


Crackpot conspiracy theorists will feel vindicated as new images have surfaced giving further evidence to the existence of the much fabled Area 51.

While the existence of Area 51 is very much public knowledge, the official position from US government is one of ‘plausible deniability’.

Any information on the secret military facility is highly classified and you’ll probably be shot on site if they catch you within a 100 mile radius of the base. However that didn’t stop two intrepid explorers from wanting to get a closer look.

UFO Seekers / YouTube

Located somewhere in the Nevada desert – which is literally the middle of nowhere – couple Tim and Tracey Doyle from the YouTube Channel UFOSeekers went on a multiple day hike to see what kind of activity was going down at Area 51.

20th Television

The couple hiked on foot to the top of Tikaboo Peak (which sounds a lot like ‘peak-a-boo’) which at 8,000 feet high and 25 miles east of the secret base they were able to capture some clear cut footage.

Despite being in the distance they were able capture decent footage of various buildings and military SUVs going to and from the base.

There are many popular theories as what goes down at Area 51, one is that the staff are constantly developing new and advanced weaponry and that it includes a test site for this new technology.

Another belief is that they have in their possession alien technology, possibly an aircraft – read up about the Roswell Conspiracy if you’re interested. There might even be an actual extraterrestrial just chilling on the base.


But we’re getting ahead of ourselves, and we’re actually starting to tread into science fiction territory here.

And conspiracy theories aren’t good for you, don’t you know.