Cleveland Killer Who Shot Elderly Man On Facebook Has Been Found Dead

Facebook/Stevie Steve

The body of the so-called ‘Cleveland Killer’ has been found after he documented his killing spree on Facebook.

After fatally shooting 74-year-old Robert Godwin Snr, in Cleveland, Ohio, Steven Stephens, 34, turned his gun on himself moments ago in Erie, Pennsylvania.

You can watch ABC‘s news report on the brutal murder of Godwin below:

After Stephens’ initial erratic display of violence, which he filmed and posted to Facebook, the disturbed man posted a series of Facebook live streams in which Stephens said he had ‘a lot of built up anger’ and claimed he ‘just snapped’.

Police had been conducting an extensive manhunt across the states of Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York and Michigan as Stephens was wanted on charges of aggravated murder.

In further alarming videos posted publicly, Stephens allegedly claimed to have killed 13 people and said himself to be ‘working on 14’.


Police have not verified this or tied Stephens to any other murders.

Stephens’ Facebook page was removed after the killing of Robert Godwin Snr, a retired foundry worker.

Our thoughts are with the families of the deceased.

Francesca Donovan

Francesca Donovan

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