Cloud From Final Fantasy 7 Coming To Super Smash Bros


Nintendo officially just broke the Final Fantasy fan’s minds with this announcement – Cloud from FFVII is coming to Super Smash Bros.

Earlier this year, Nintendo asked fans which character they’d like to see come to Super Smash Bros, and it looks like the answer was the unwieldy sword botherer Cloud Strife.

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Announced during a Nintendo Direct presentation, the Japanese mega-company also showed off some of his moves, limit breaks and a special Final Fantasy VII stage based on Midgar. Cloud will also be sporting a variety of different costumes, though it’s not known if his original, blocky appearance from the PS1 version of FFVII will feature.

It’s also assumed that Nintendo will be making a Cloud amiibo to go alongside the new character, if you’re into that kind of thing.

Next month there will be an even closer look at the changes coming to Super Smash Bros, so fans should keep their eyes peeled.