Clowns Appearing In IT Screenings Are Freaking Everybody Out


2017 is not a good year to have a clown phobia, what with the IT remake being the most hyped film of the Autumn season.

Well at least it’s just a film, right?

I hate to be the bearer of creepy news but it seems Stephen King’s twisted imagination is leaking straight out of the cinema screens and into the audience.

Scary Pennywise-esque clowns have been spotted getting themselves a good seat at their local cinema to watch the horror flick, and they’re even freakier than the actual film:

But perhaps the most disturbing sighting was in a Guildford cinema in Surrey?…

Little did communications manager Chris know, somebody (or something), was waiting for him!

Chris tweeted a terrifying picture of a solitary clown sat in the deserted cinema, with the following comment:

Went to see IT, I’m first in the screen and this fucking guy’s just sitting there.

This clown had gone the full hog, even carrying the iconic red balloon.

Just imagine being alone in an empty cinema with this guy:

People understandably were freaked out and offered Chris all sorts of horror film wisdom, which mostly amounted to getting the hell out of there:

However, Chris apparently had a good chat with the clown, and admitted he was actually ‘alright’:

Apparently, he’s called Jordan, he’s from Surrey and had just enjoyed a horrifically detailed makeover.

So there we have it.

Perhaps scary clowns are misunderstood and just need a friend to chat to?