Cluster Of Warts Removed From Man’s Heel In Absolute NOPE-Fest

YouTube/Leo Krawetz

As if you weren’t already feeling rough enough with your Saturday hangover, why not really make yourself feel ill by checking out this beautiful footage of a patient having a cluster of warts removed from their foot?

The absolute NOPE-fest of a video shows Dr Leo Krawetz going to town on the poor patient’s heel and the mosaic warts, cutting away with some heavy duty scissors and leaving a massive hole in the foot.

And, yeah, it’s pretty f*cking grim, to be honest.

Check it out, if you dare:

Perhaps the most worrying part of the whole thing, however, is just how much Dr Krawetz appears to be enjoying the surgery.

In the video, he says:

What I’m going to do today is cut these out and cut a little bit of the area out around the warts to kill the viral particles. The good thing is you don’t hear any screaming in the background.

I’m removing all this stuff around the wart, which is good skin and viral-infected tissue. You can see this is the chunk of warty particles. This is the inside, this is the stuff that’s inside. Those are millions of viral particles.

That’s a guy who really loves his job!