Coach Trip Has Had A Millennial Makeover And People Aren’t Happy

by : UNILAD on : 26 Jul 2016 13:40
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If you’re either unemployed or pulled a sickie, it’s almost certain that you’ll remember Channel 4 classic Coach Trip.


It’s essentially like Come Dine With Me on holiday, but instead of bitching about people’s food, personality and life in general, they pretend to all really get on, right up until the point they’re threatened with being voted off the show and having to return to their depressing lives back in Blighty.

And of course there was their legendary tour guide Brendan Sheerin who had all the grade A banter at his disposal and always knew when to put people in their place.

So when a new revamped version of the show hit our screens on E4, titled Coach Trip: Road to Ibiza, you could imagine die-hard fans of the show getting pretty hyped for it.


But one problem, it’s very different. Instead of a mix of age-groups and backgrounds they’ve rounded up a bunch of boisterous teens and 20-somethings who just want to get fucked up.

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Some were pretty damn excited about the new format:


Others… not so much:

Many made the blatant link to the trash TV classic Love Island:

While others were more excited about the show’s climax:


Now that would be worth a watch.

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