Colombian Wife Catches Husband With Side Chick, Loses Her Sh*t


Video of a Colombian woman confronting her cheating husband has gone viral following her unorthodox response.

The woman, reported by Elite Daily as Adalia Brinez, is understandably angry to find her husband with another lady in his passenger seat, and she lets the world know.

Unlike most of us who would probably head home and remove our dirty laundry from the street, Adalia decides she is going nowhere, and neither is her husband.

Adalia plants her feet in the ground and refuses to budge, preventing the car from leaving and drawing a huge crowd.

She begins banging on the car and the crowd encourages her both visibly and audibly, they even provide objects she can vandalise the car with.

Check it out.

Incredible scenes, and whoever casually handed over the rolling pin, bravo.

Fair play to the police for diffusing the situation too. With ever-increasing numbers things could have headed south very quickly.