Comedian Destroys Homophobic Troll With Brutal Tweet To His Mum


Twitter’s a wonderful site – it’s just a shame that it’s infested with so many idiotic trolls, chucking shit at anyone who crosses their path.

Elijah Daniel, an LA Based comedian, managed to turn the tables on one Twitter troll, however, and hopefully this’ll serve as a warning to anyone who thinks bullying people online is cool.

A hideously homophobic troll, who goes by TonyTrxp , direct messaged Elijah warning the online prankster that he’d put some ‘hot lead’ in his head next time he saw him, calling him an ’emo faggot’.

troll 1Twitter

Elijah, being a reasonable person, wasn’t worried by the troll’s ‘fight me IRL bro’ threats and instead took the time to try and help the cave dwelling TonyTrxp with his spelling.

It seems though that TonyTrxp’s self esteem isn’t great and he responded to the helpful tweets with more disgusting threats and homophobia.

troll 2Twitter

Clearly thinking enough was enough, Elijah decided that if TonyTrxp was gong to act like a child then there was only one way to handle the situation. Tell his mum.

Unfortunately, we don’t know how TonyTrxp’s mum handled things but if the troll’s spelling and attitude were anything to go by, we imagine he was sent to bed without a story that night.

troll 3Twitter

I can’t imagine that Elijah Daniel was too bothered by the troglodyte troll’s comments, what with being a best selling author who penned a wickedly funny erotic novel about Donald Trump and his bellboy.