The Internet’s Not Happy After Comedian Sends Brutal Message To Woman Who Rejected Him


We’ve all sent a Facebook message that we’ve come to regret, usually while drunk, but one L.A. based comedian went way overboard and managed to piss off the entire internet.

Last week, a so-called-comedian, Mike Faverman, bombarded a woman called Heather Rae with a number of vicious messages because she had the gall to tell the prick that she didn’t want to date him, The i100 reports.

Here’s the conversation in full. Prepare yourself for a tirade of hate…

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Surprisingly the Internet took a day off from being a dark echo chamber and condemned Faverman, turning the tables on the spiteful comedian and bombarding him with hate.

This forced Faverman to quit Twitter in an effort to escape the vitriol being thrown his way.

Now the Huffington Post are claiming to have discovered a Facebook chat where Faverman apologising.


Rather unsurprisingly he soon deactivated his Facebook as well and a few days later this appeared on his reactivated twitter.


Seems Faverman may not have learnt his lesson just yet…