Comedy Writer Suspended After Shocking Tweet About 10-Year-Old Barron Trump


Saturday Night Live writer Katie Rich has been indefinitely suspended from the show after mocking Donald Trump’s 10-year-old son Barron.

Taking to Twitter during Friday’s inauguration, Rich wrote: “Barron will be this country’s first homeschool shooter,” when a series of memes were circulating about the boy.

Facing an avalanche of criticism, the tweet was left up for about three hours before being deleted and her Twitter account made private.

But critics were still calling for an apology or dismissal:

The New York Times reports that Rich was suspended immediately after she posted the tweet about Barron.

Rich, who has written for SNL since 2013, returned to Twitter with an apology on Monday.

She wrote:

I sincerely apologize for the insensitive tweet. I deeply regret my actions & offensive words. It was inexcusable & I’m so sorry.

But while Rich no doubt received a firestorm of criticism – even after her apology – some supporters were quick to point out the irony in Rich’s joke, and consequential dismissal:

Rich wasn’t the only one to draw backlash for mocking the president’s 10-year-old son.

Modern Family star Julie Bowen also felt the wrath of Twitter for her comments about Barron during his father’s inauguration.

Both incidents were enough to prompt Chelsea Clinton and Monica Lewinsky to voice their support for the president’s youngest son. Reminding social media users the 10-year-old ‘deserves the chance every child does – to be a kid’.

Don’t aim potentially offensive jokes at kids if you’re a grown adult.

It really is that simple.