Commons Speaker Goes To Police Over Cocaine Use Allegations At Westminster

by : Shola Lee on : 05 Dec 2021 13:46
Commons Speaker Goes To Police Over Cocaine Use Allegations At WestminsterAlamy

A House of Commons Speaker will go to the police over concerning claims of cocaine use at Westminster.

The news comes amid growing concerns about the use of drugs, such as cocaine, and other illegal substances in parliament.


An investigation from the Sunday Times found evidence of cocaine in 11 of the 12 locations tested, with anonymous Westminster sources alleging that drug use was prevalent among parliamentary workers.

Now, House of Commons Speaker Sir Lindsay Hoyle is set to raise these ‘deeply concerning’ allegations of drug use with the police.

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Hoyle said he would investigate the drug culture within Westminster after traces of cocaine were found in areas only accessible to those with parliamentary passes, as reported by The Times.


Hoyle said:

The accounts of drug misuse in Parliament given to the Sunday Times are deeply concerning – and I will be raising them as a priority with the Metropolitan Police next week. I expect to see full and effective enforcement of the law.

Hoyle also iterated that the matter would be treated seriously with the ‘full and effective enforcement of the law’ against anyone bringing cocaine or other illegal substances into parliament.

The speaker continued:


While parliament provides extensive support services for any staff or members who may need help with drug misuse – and I would encourage anyone struggling with such issues to take up such help – for those who choose to flout the law and bring the institution into disrepute the sanctions are serious.


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The Sunday Times report includes detailed accounts of drug use in parliament, with allegations of MPs taking drugs openly and frequently.

Boris Johnson. (Alamy)Alamy

One source said:


I have seen an MP openly snorting cocaine at a party. There were journalists present and I warned them that what they were doing was extremely dangerous and they could be exposed but they seemed to get off on the power trip.

While another added:

There is a cocaine culture in parliament. Some people are at it all the time and are totally blasé. Others dabble. Some are household names, some are ambitious young MPs and officials, but all of them risk throwing away their careers. They think they are untouchable, protected by their friends in the bubble. It’s shocking but also sad. Lots of them need help.

Recently, Boris Johnson discussed his new plans to crack down on drug use and distribution across the UK, set to ‘make an example’ out of middle-class offenders.


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