Company To Take On Rich By Giving These Amazing Rewards To The Rest Of Us


A new company has vowed to take on the rich by giving awesome rewards to the poor based on their every-day spending.

From your morning coffee on the way to work to your greasy kebab on the way back home from a night out, Zuracard are promising to reward anyone and everyone just for spending your own money.

Most credit card companies offer rewards based on points gained by making big purchases, meaning only the rich ever feel the benefits because they make more big purchases. But Zuracard are hoping to disrupt the market by allowing people to gain reward points on any and every purchase on their card.

You’re probably wondering how it all works, but that’s pretty simple too. The Zuracard is basically all the cards in your wallet, combined into one, so all your current debit and credit cards are loaded onto the Zuracard. You use the Zuracard to make purchases and your account is updated to make sure all your purchases are rewarded with points.

From there, your points are accumulated and can be spent in various ways, including holidays abroad, discounts at retailers, family entertainment and much much more.

Founding partner of Zuracard, Nathan Wills, told UNILAD:

We’ve come up with a really streamlined way of saving money that will save you on the transactions you were going to do anyway.

You’ll always need to buy the essentials, so you should get rewarded for it.

The hope is that the card will enable people to stay on top of their debts, as they only spend on one card, while earning rewards for doing so. Zuracard will also be holding special events for their members.


Mr Wills added:

The more people that get signed up, the more aspects of people’s lives we can help with.

The company will launch in early 2018 and the first 1000 members to sign up via the website will receive the card free for one year.

Zuracard promises bank-level protection and security features like any of the cards in your wallet and will never reveal your original card details to the merchant meaning your actual card numbers will always remain safe.