Conan Exiles Gets Brutal New Cinematic Trailer

by : Ewan Moore on : 25 Jan 2017 12:00

Developer Funcom has finally revealed the exact time that Conan Exiles goes live, and when players can delve into the gory open-world survival game. 


You’ll be able to get your in touch with your inner barbarian through Early Access on PC at 6am (UK time) on January 31.

Clearly excited by the impending launch, Funcom has also released a brutal new cinematic trailer, which you can watch below.

Xbox One players will be able to enjoy an early version of the game at some point too, but don’t expect it until Spring. Meanwhile, PlayStation 4 owners will likely only get Conan Exiles once it’s completely finished, as is Sony’s way.


Conan Exiles is not a game about sending a chat show host out into the wilderness to survive as you might think, but is actually a survival game set in the world of Conan The Barbarian, who appears in the trailer but isn’t expected to hang around for much of the game, which is more about your own avatar and their adventures.

Of course, it’s against the law these days to release a game without announcing a special edition, and Exiles is no different.

Conan Exiles – Barbarian Edition is described as the ultimate introduction to the world of the barbarian, and includes digital comics, a T-shirt, special in-game items, a digital artbook, soundtracks, and more.

There’s no word on UK pricing just yet, but the standard edition is priced at $29.99 while the Barbarian Edition is priced at $49.99, so around £24 and £40, respectively.

In a world where survival games are seemingly everywhere, Conan might just be brutal enough to offer something something fresh – we’ll find out next week.

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