Confused Toddler Doesn’t Recognise Her Own Dad After He Shaves Off Beard

Toddler doesn't recognise dad beardSWNS

Remember that weird moment when you’re little and you realise your parents’ names aren’t actually ‘Mum and Dad’?

As very young child, we often have a fixed idea of who our parents are, and when we’re told something different, this can blow our minds completely.

One little girl from Tucson, Arizona, by the name of Amelia Batiz, experienced such an earth shaking revelation in a very real and adorable way when her daddy decided to shave off his beard.

Amelia’s dad Jeremy, sported a beard throughout most of his adult life, which included all 14 months of Amelia’s.

The toddler could never have imagined there was a different face entirely under all that facial fuzz until the day 32-year-old Jeremy decided to reach for the razor…

The moment Amelia first encountered new beardless Jeremy, has been captured in a highly amusing video. The footage shows Jeremy emerging from the bathroom sans beard.

He then walks over to his young daughter, who looks at him with a mixture of shock and confusion; her expressive eyes sweeping over him as if he was a complete stranger.

At one point she attempts to bat away his face with her tiny hands, distinctly unimpressed by this strange man’s attempts to play peekaboo.

Amelia’s mum, 36-year-old photographer Sofia – who can be heard chuckling away in the video – recalled Amelia’s hilarious reaction:

I didn’t know that he was going to shave it off that day either. He just asked me to get the camera rolling on my phone and then he walked out of the bathroom.

It was a big shock for Amelia and for me! Ever since Amelia was born daddy always had a beard, so when it was gone she had absolutely no idea who he was.

The expression she made was priceless, it was a disgusted face, like, ‘eeew get away from me.’

Toddler doesn't recognise dad without beardSWNS

Sofia revealed how contracting officer Jeremy had kept a beard ever since she’d known him and his clean shaven look has taken years off him.

Their 11-year-old Adyan, thinks Jeremy’s fresh face makes him look like a ‘college student’, while Sofia’s mother reckons he now resembles a teenager.

Sofia continued:

It took about half a day before she realised that this strange new man was actually daddy. She kept ignoring him and running over to me, my mom or my brother instead, he was a complete stranger to her for a while.

He was trying to do all the things that he always does with her, like he takes her out to get the mail with him every day, but she was suspicious.

It wasn’t until he read her favorite book to her that she finally caught on, he always reads it to her in this special way, so she twigged.

Little girl doesn't recognise dad.SWNS

Fortunately, Amelia has now twigged her beloved dad hasn’t been replaced by a beardless imposter, and the pair are back to being thick as thieves once again.

Hopefully there’ll be no more alarming surprises this year for poor Amelia!

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