Conman Walks Into Asda In Suit, Walks Out With £40,000



One man sensationally walked into a branch of Asda, wearing a ‘smart suit’ and proceeded to rob the store of £40,000.

He did this by impersonating a member of staff, acting as though he worked in the Bureau de Change, and handing out euros and other currencies in exchange for pounds.

After handing out various amounts to customers, he then finished the end of his ‘shift’ and gained access to the Bureau de Change’s safe, and walked out with a huge amount of cash, that is thought to total around £40,000.

The theft took place at the Trafford Park Asda, with the man acting cool and collected, even when approached by a senior member of staff.


One source claimed:

As the woman in the Bureau de Change was leaving he slipped into the kiosk. He started to serve customers, just giving them wedges of cash, as he clearly had no idea about exchange rates.

He apparently wore a glove, knew the code for the safe, punched it in, and was able to empty it.

At one point a senior member of the Asda staff walked passed while he was in the kiosk and even spoke to him but he just kept up the pretence – as cool as you like.

Apparently the code to the bureau safe had not been changed for ages. He must have been in a few times and done his homework.

Not only did the man leave with the cash, he also had no idea about exchange rates, apparently giving customers far more for their money than he should have.

One 22 year old woman has been arrested by police on suspicion of conspiracy to defraud, but the imposter and the cash are yet to be found.