Connecticut Police Teach Seat Belt Safety With Crash Simulator


The Hartford Informer/YouTube
Hopefully you never have to experience a car accident to learn the importance of wearing a seat belt, but Police in Connecticut have developed a new way to spread the word.

Connecticut State PD have teamed up with the University of Hartford Department of Public Safety to give students a taste of what they should desperately try to avoid.

The Connecticut State Police teamed up with the University of Hartford Department of Public Safety to bring &quot;The Convincer&quot; to the UHart campus. Students were able to experience what a &quot;5 MPH car accident&quot; would feel like.<a rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank” href=”;v=2a93m_jMJ18″>;v=2a93m_jMJ18</a>

A crash simulator called ‘The Convincer’ allows the rider to experience a collision force generated by moving at 5mph, and from the various reactions, the speed seems more than capable of packing a punch.

‘The Convincer’ is not the only weapon in the road safety arsenal of Officers in Connecticut. A rollover simulator is also used to throw a crash dummy around like a pancake to get the point across.

It is a new way of spreading a message without a stack of grizzly images from real car wrecks, and the students in the video, although smiling and aware of the artificial nature of the experiment, do seem to take heed.

I didn’t see anyone volunteer for a second try!

Kieron Curtis

Kieron Curtis

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