Conor McGregor Reacts To Being Called Racist With Racial Stereotype

by : UNILAD on : 14 Jul 2017 08:42

Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather’s world press tour continues to fulfill every fantasy of a PR wet dream.


Following the accusations of racism after he told Mayweather to ‘dance for me, boy’, McGregor defended himself saying it was ‘absolutely fucking ridiculous.’

The reason for it being ridiculous? Well McGregor claims he isn’t racist as he’s ‘half black’. He told the New York audience that he is ‘black from the belly button down.’

The Dubliner, who never shies away from exuding pure unadulterated confidence in front of his opponents, received a mixed reaction to the comments.


Boxer Andre Ward had this response to McGregor’s use of the word ‘boy’ in Toronto:

Ward told TMZ:

I don’t like that ‘Boy’ word, I don’t like that.

The only problem with that is he’s got to back that up.

The thing about boxing is that you’ve got a date and Conor’s got to see Floyd.

While Floyd Mayweather seemingly ignored the racial overtones of McGregor’s choice of words on a surface level, the 49-0 boxer did say they were proof ‘racism still exists’.

Courting controversy in the interest of promotion is pretty commonplace in combat sports, however on this occasion Mystic Mac has clearly crossed a line in many fans eyes.

McGregor draped himself in a white coat that he claimed is made from polar bear fur, and of course chewed offensively on gum.


Mayweather retaliated by calling the Irish UFC champion a ‘stripper’ and making it rain with money over his opponent.

So, apart from chewing, some money throwing, the classic chanting, McGregor making some ill-advised and outlandish claims, plus some more chewing, not much new happened at this press conference.

Many are worried that the two fighters will run out of material for their trash talking, even McGregor admitted that during the angry face off the pair only spoke about the ‘usual shite’.

After endless negotiations, the date is set for August 26 with Mayweather Promotions having reportedly booked the 20,000 capacity T-Mobile Arena.

The hype train has now well and truly left the station, next stop London as the media tour touches down in the UK today while McGregor celebrates his 29th birthday.

Hopefully after the dour atmosphere in Brooklyn the UK crowd can put some energy back into proceedings.

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