Conor McGregor Reveals How Close He Came To Actually Retiring From UFC

by : UNILAD on : 16 Aug 2016 16:47

Conor McGregor sent the UFC Twitterverse into meltdown back in April when he appeared to announce his retirement from MMA on social media, and he’s now revealed how close he came to following up on the threat.


The infamous tweet which exposed the Irishman’s dispute with the UFC over media obligations, ultimately led to his and Nate Diaz’s removal from the card at UFC 200 – and ‘The Notorious’ has explained to Ariel Helwani what was running through his mind that day.

McGregor was a guest on Monday’s MMA Hour when he shared his thoughts.

McGregor said:


I was in Iceland, chilling. I don’t fucking use a computer, I just use my phone like everybody else.

Straight onto Twitter, boom, boom, boom – ‘I’m outta here, thanks for the cheese, catch ya’s all later. See ya!’, boom. Then off I went to the gym.

Then, I came back from the gym and, all of a sudden, the thing is f**king everywhere. Awwww shit.

We were in Iceland isolating ourselves, we were doing what we do; training and studying to whoop somebody’s ass. That’s it.

I have access to a phone and my phone has access to millions upon millions upon millions of people. That was another crazy experience. This life is a roller coaster. It has many, many ups and downs but you’ve got to look at it like this – who doesn’t want to be on a roller coaster? Who wants to be on flat ground going through life?

He added:

If it came down to it I would have [retired] but good luck trying to keep an Irishman away from a fight. I would have showed up and slapped someone…the way it was all going down.

I was happy when it all kicked off. How long did it even go on for, a couple of days? For a day maybe, I was like ‘You know what? F**k it, I am retired. Put your feet up’.

That night, I had a f**king drink, went out. I was like ‘F**k everybody, I am out of here’.

Well, thankfully, McGregor was lured back to the fight game and fans can now look forward to the second installment of his growing rivalry with Nate Diaz.

The pair will face off this Saturday night – or Sunday morning if you’re based in Europe – at UFC 202, and we can’t wait!


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