Conor McGregor Savages TV Host Unaware His Mic Is Still On


Conor McGregor went savage on a TV host from New Zealand without realising his microphone was still very much live.

McGregor, who will fight lightweight champion Eddie Alavarez on Saturday night – or Sunday morning depending where you’re watching from- was interviewed by Andrew Mulligan of ‘The Crowd Goes Wild’, and to say he was unimpressed by the questioning would be an understatement.

Alvarez and McGregor had already been part of a heated exchange which seemingly threatened to boil over.

Now McGregor knows how to hype and will never miss an opportunity to do so, but scripted? He isn’t going to stand for those kind of accusations…

The Notorious said:

He’s a fucking donkey. He is, he’s an idiot.

Some sort of shite about ‘scripted’ or something, he said. He’s a big mad head on him or something, he’s a dope.

He has a mad mush head on him, he looks like a burns victim or something.

Definitely hit a nerve there Andrew…