Conservative Pundits Slammed For Suggesting It Was Okay For Police To Shoot 13-Year-Old Boy

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Conservative Pundits Slammed For Suggesting It Was Okay For Police To Shoot 13-Year-Old Boy NBC News/PA Images

Conservatives who suggested police were justified in shooting 13-year-old Adam Toledo are being slammed after bodycam footage showed he was unarmed when he turned to face officers.

Toledo was shot dead in Chicago on March 29 following reports of gunshots in the Little Village area of the city.


In bodycam footage released on Thursday, April 15, an officer fires a single bullet into Toledo’s chest moments after he turns around and faces police, unarmed and with his hands up.


Ahead of the release, conservative pundit Eric Zorn wrote a column in the Chicago Tribune titled ‘Let’s wait before turning slain 13-year-old Adam Toledo into a martyr’.

Zorn said the public ‘may be right that officers fired without justification and that Adam Toledo is a martyr whose killers should be prosecuted’.


‘Or a thorough review may find that police shot in justifiable self-defense,’ he added.

He also told his readers that it’s ‘not too early to stop romanticising and infantilising 13-year-olds’.

Following the release of the bodycam footage, Andy Ngô, the editor of conservative news website The Post Millenial, posted screenshots from the video on Twitter that appeared to show Toledo holding an object in his hand. While it is not clear what the object is, it could be a weapon or gun of some kind.


As per CNN, on Thursday, the Toledo family attorney, Adeena Weiss-Ortiz, told reporters that whatever he had in his hand, whether it was a gun or something else, he let’s it go before he turns around and he’s shot.

‘It could be a gun. I’m not going to deny that, that it could be a gun, but I can’t tell you with 100% certainty until I have that video forensically analysed and enhanced,’ Oritz continued. ‘But it is not relevant, because he tossed the gun. If he had a gun, he tossed it.’

Posting screenshots from the video to his Twitter, Ngô circled the object in Toledo’s hand, referring to him as an ‘armed teen’ who was ‘known in gang circles’.


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‘His hands were up when he was shot. You’re dishonestly posting a different pic,’ one person wrote back.

‘He was 13. THIRTEEN. Once more; THIRTEEN years old. Lord almighty, how do you sleep at night?’ another said.

‘Didn’t think you’d be justifying kid murder but here we are,’ a third person said.

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