Conspiracy Theorist Reveals ‘Surefire Sign’ London Tube Bombing Was A ‘False Flag’

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Yesterday an explosive device was detonated on the London Underground which injured 29 people and caused mass panic in the nation’s capital.

Despite the so-called Islamic State taking credit for the attack, conspiracy theorists on Twitter have already begun to claim the bombing was a false flag operation designed to boost Theresa May’s popularity.

‘What evidence do they have to make such a claim’ I hear you ask? Not a lot, but it’s not stopped these people jumping to ludicrous conclusions before, so why would it now?

They allegedly have some ‘proof’ of the claims – shoes:

More specifically, shoes left on the Parsons Green platform, which one conspiracy theorist claims is the tell tale sign of a false flag operation.

Twitter user Robert Thompson wrote:

Every time there is a #falseflag there’s always pairs of shoes neatly placed on the so called crime scene. #parsonsgreen

He later posted another photo, this time from the Westminster Bridge attack which took place earlier this year, which also shows an abandoned pair of shoes, with the caption:

Remember the #westminster #falseflag ? More shoes placed neatly on the pavement.

Mr Thomson isn’t the only person who believes false flags are always denoted by abandoned shoes.

One user claims the shoes left behind after the murder of Jo Cox, by Thomas Mair, were proof her death was also a false flag operation.

Other people have claimed those injured in the blast are just crisis actors who’ve been paid to fake their injuries.

They’ve no proof of this but why let facts get in the way of a stupid idea?

In other real news, a teenager has been arrested at Dover port in connection with the bombing.