Conspiracy Theorists Say Antarctic ‘Anomaly’ Is Secret Nazi UFO Base

by : Francesca Donovan on : 28 Dec 2016 16:34

After scientists discovered a ‘massive anomaly’ underneath the icy surface of Antarctica, conspiracy theorists put forward some ideas of its origin.


Scientists thus far have been unable to explain the Wilkes Land gravity anomaly – which is an unidentified object sitting in a 300 -mile-wide crater under Antarctica – but these conspiracy theories are quite compelling… For all the wrong reasons.

According to the New York Post, and perceived wisdom, the area marks ‘the remains of a truly massive asteroid more than twice the size of the Chicxulub space rock that wiped out the dinosaurs.’

Don Davis (commissioned by NASA)

After the anomaly was first uncovered in 2006 by NASA satellites, SecureTeam10 set to work trying to prove that buried beneath the surface of this gravitational black spot was a top secret Nazi UFO base dating back to WW2.


Anyone else want to hear this one?


The conspiracy theory claims to have found evidence that alien aircraft entered the crater:

Some evidence of this [has come] to light in recent years, purporting to show various entrances built into the side of mountains that hold a saucer shape, and are not to mention at a very high altitude.

[This] begs the question, how exactly would you enter these entrances without something that could fly and that was the same shape as the entrance itself?

It’s not the most convincing conspiracy theory I’ve come across, I have to admit.

I have a feeling this one won’t be proven correct anytime soon.

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