Conspiracy Theorists Say Jeffrey Epstein’s Ears Prove His Suicide Is Fake

Conspiracy Theorists Say Jeffrey Epstein's Ears Prove His Suicide Is FakePA Images

In the aftermath of Jeffery Epstein’s death on Saturday, the internet has been rife with conspiracy theories surrounding his alleged suicide.

The multimillionaire financier and convicted paedophile was facing 45 years in prison after he was arrested and charged with sex trafficking minors in Florida and New York last month, prompting some people to believe his death might have come at the hands of someone else.

Although there’s absolutely no evidence of foul play, there’s definitely some solid reasoning behind the conspiracy, given that Epstein may have had incriminating evidence against two former presidents and the son of the Queen of England, as well as a whole host of other high-profile people.

Jeffrey Epstein Found Dead In His CellPA Images

But it also makes sense that he may not want to face a public trial and lengthy jail sentence.

The newest conspiracy theory surrounding his death is that perhaps Epstein didn’t die at all, and that a body double was used to help him escape and evade justice. Now that would make an incredible Netflix true crime film.

And what is the evidence for this, you may ask? His ears.

In a picture published of him on a gurney after he was taken from prison to a nearby hospital, some people think his ears look different.

I’m not entirely convinced by this one, but you can make your own mind up.

A lot of the doubt seems to come from the fact Epstein’s death came just two weeks after he was put on suicide watch, when he was found almost unconscious in his prison cell, with injuries to his neck.

The 66-year-old multimillionaire financier was being held without bail pending trial on child sex-trafficking charges.

In 2005, the Palm Police began investigating Epstein after a parent complained that he’d molested her 14-year-old daughter. Eventually, the banker pleaded guilty and was convicted of soliciting a prostitute and procuring an under-18 girl for prostitution in a Florida court in 2008.

He served 13-months in custody with work release as part of an arranged plea deal, where federal officers identified as many as 36 young girls that had been molested.

One self-identified victim, Virginia Giuffre, says she was forced to perform sex acts with a series of prominent male figures including former Maine senator George Mitchell, ex-New Mexico governor Bill Richardson, money manager Glenn Dubin and MIT professor Marvin Minsky – claims which they all deny.

A spokesperson for Glenn and Eva Dubin told UNILAD:

Glenn and Eva Dubin are outraged by the allegations against them in the unsealed court records and categorically reject them.

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