Construction Worker Dons Bear Costume, Colleague Loses His Sh*t

by : UNILAD on : 10 Mar 2016 14:14

Savvy construction workers know how to avoid being pranked on the job – normally it just means not accepting a challenge to lift a bag of dry cement over your head.


But no level of experience could’ve prepared this poor sod for what his colleagues had in store.

Hiding around a corner, a man in a fairly convincing bear costume lies in wait for the perfect opportunity to scare the shit out of a coworker.

He does so to devastating effect.


As reported by RT the victim of the gag immediately drops his tools and sprints for the distance as he comes face to face with the ‘bear’.

He runs with such enthusiasm that he promptly falls flat on his face, no doubt shitting it further for fear of a Revenant style scene study.

He manages to get to his feet and taking absolutely no chances at all just keeps on running until he is out of shot.

As pointed out by several YouTube commenters, the legend suggests he is still running to this day…

Since being uploaded a week ago the video has already been viewed over 1.5 million times.

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  1. RT

    This may be the best bear prank of all time