Controversial Weight Loss Device That Pumps Food Out Of Stomach Set To Hit UK

by : UNILAD on : 06 Jul 2015 20:42

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A weight loss machine that literally pumps excess food from your stomach to help you shift those pounds while being able to also eat calorie laden food is coming to the UK.


The AspireAssist has been called as ‘effective as weight loss surgery, but without the risks’.

The machine claims to empty a third of the contents of your stomach, meaning the calories you consume are only around two thirds of what they should be, and is done by inserting a small tube into the patient’s stomach, using a valve that can be opened and closed to control the contents of the stomach.

The patients use said valve to empty a portion of their stomach’s contents into the toilet after they have eaten – or overeaten as the case may well be.



Despite the pros of the 20 minute procedure, there have been some seriously vocal critics of the device, with the National Obesity forum leader not sugar-coating his words at all.

Tam Fry claimed:

I cannot believe we have now invented a gadget that allows people to make gluttons of themselves and eat like pigs and not suffer the consequences.

It appals me to think people will be able to press a button to empty the contents of their stomachs.

One weight loss consultant and British Obesity & Metabolic Surgery Society council member, James Byrne, claimed:

I have some strong reservations, but given the rising number of people who are obese, it’s important to have an open mind about finding ways to help them.

For me, it’s all well and good looking for a fix like this, but until people learn that everything is good for you in moderation and kids are educated about making the right food choices, and the emotional issues people who overeat have with food are explored, things won’t change.

That’s not even taking into account the lack of healthy nutrients and vitamins people who binge eat crap all day are missing out on – or the fact that there are so many starving people, not just all over the world, but in the UK as well, and to use a device to rid your stomach of excess food just because you can’t control yourself is something else indeed.


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