Controversy As Texan Trump Voters See Their Ballots Change To Rubio


As the race to become the Republican candidate in the U.S. Presidential election 2016 hots up, there is serious controversy in Texas.

Numerous voters have apparently reported that their vote for Donald Trump in the Super Tuesday Texas Primary was given to rival Marco Rubio instead due to glitches on the voting system.

Radio station KLBJ said ‘computer freezeups’ were leaving voters frustrated, but after consulting election workers, the issues were resolved.

Even so, it raises serious questions about the integrity of the election, especially as Rubio was already accused of stealing votes in Iowa by Trump’s camp.

And, if you’re still wondering who Marco Rubio is, as most people are only really considering Trump or Ted Cruz as the serious contenders to win the Republican candidacy, then here are a couple of facts.

Rubio is currently the senator of Florida, and he likes to incorporate stand-up comedy into his campaign rallies…

That particular gag drew this response from Trump:

Of course, everyone says that, Donald…

Info Wars are reporting that a failure from Rubio to secure strong backing in Texas today could all but end his bid to become president.

Well, at least he has the machines’ vote, apparently.