Cop Suspended For These Racist Instagram Posts

hammock26n-1-webJacksonville Police Department

A police lieutenant in Florida who posted racist photos onto Instagram has been suspended for 10 days.

Lieutenant Trudy Callahan, who has worked for Jacksonville Police for the past 20 years, posted a series of questionable photos on her, since deleted, Instagram account.

However, according to The Daily Dot, it is the racist shot below which has amounted to the most controversy, and subsequently her suspension.


The photo, captioned: ‘Yeah its almost Friday so get your Hood Hammock. Ready to chillax’, was posted on Trudy’s account in 2015 before going viral and sparking outrage.

After Callahan was investigated by Jacksonville’s Internal Affairs officers, the investigators wrote:

Callahan wanted to include on the record that she felt as though the allegations were an example of things being ‘taken out of context’ and ‘twisted and turned to fit people’s agendas.

Back in 2003, Callahan was considered the most complained-about Jacksonville police officer on the team and has served three previous suspensions.

However, Trudy also has a huge list of commendations, for instances such as when she stopped a woman from jumping off a 19th-floor hotel railing, and for work helping shut down four drug houses.

While none of the images in question were taken or created by Callahan, she re-shared the pictures with captions which outraged a lot of people for being racially insensitive.

In another post, she shared a police sketching of a black man with dreadlocks.

The image included a caption not written by Callahan which read: “The police really expect somebody to find this n—-s. I know 6 n—-s that looks like this.”

In her own response, she wrote, ‘I could be a sketch artist’.

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