Cops Allegedly Confiscate 160kg Of Cannabis, Report Only 1kg And Sell Rest

by : Emily Brown on : 27 Sep 2020 16:26
Cops Allegedly Confiscate 160kg Of Cannabis, Report Only 1kg And Sell RestCops Allegedly Confiscate 160kg Of Cannabis, Report Only 1kg And Sell RestPexels

Four police officers in India have been suspended after allegedly selling 159kg of weed that had been confiscated from a local drug dealer. 

The officers from Jahangirpuri police station in Delhi were involved in a raid on September 11 this year, during which a total of 160kg of marijuana was apparently confiscated and a man, identified by his first name Anil, was arrested.


Working alongside other personnel, the four officers, which included two sub-inspectors and two head constables, seized the cannabis from a room in Jahangirpuri B-block, where Anil had allegedly stored it after procuring it from Odisha.


An officer told the Hindustan Times that the huge haul was brought to the local police station, but following the arrest of Anil the four officers are said to have taken a bribe of Rs1.5 lakh (£1,600) to ‘settle the matter’ outside the purview of the law. Anil was reportedly then released from the station.

The officer told the publication the four officers also failed to report the total amount of marijuana that had been confiscated, allegedly documenting just 1kg of the 160kg found. The men are said to have allegedly sold the remaining 159kg of the marijuana and distributed the money among themselves.


Deputy commissioner of police, Vijayanta Arya, caught wind of what may have happened following the September 11 raid and ordered an enquiry into the matter. All police involved in the raid were questioned, and investigators tracked down Anil, who apparently revealed everything.

'Serial Toilet Clogger' Gets 150 Days Behind Bars And 3 Year's Probation'Serial Toilet Clogger' Gets 150 Days Behind Bars And 3 Year's ProbationPixabay

Arya said that all four police officers were suspended after the enquiry, though the investigation is continuing in an effort to ascertain the source through which the suspended men allegedly sold the seized marijuana.

Delhi Police, meanwhile, arrested Anil and sent him to jail.


India passed the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act in 1985 which criminalised cannabis in the form of buds or resin while allowing the sale of ‘bhang’ – a byproduct of cannabis. The sale and regulation of the bhang were left up to states to decide.

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A 2019 study commissioned by the social justice and empowerment ministry and cited by India Today found 31 million people in India were reported to have consumed a cannabis product in the past year, of which 13 million had used weed and hash.

In the past few years, non-governmental organisations have called for the legalisation of recreational cannabis in India, with the Great Legalisation Movement India Trust arguing a change in ruling would help create jobs, battle stress, improve human concentration, resolve medical problems and provide sustainable agricultural incomes.


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