Cops Discover 528kg Of Cocaine Being Smuggled In Vats of Sh*t

by : Cameron Frew on : 15 Jan 2020 11:54
Colombia Cops Discover 528kg Of Cocaine Being Smuggled In Vats of Sh*tColombia Cops Discover 528kg Of Cocaine Being Smuggled In Vats of Sh*tCEN/@DevalPolicia

A recent cocaine haul has further fuelled the idea that drugs are really sh*t. 

Let’s say, hypothetically, you’re a narcotics trafficker. Your trade is pretty tumultuous, as you constantly try and figure out crafty, cunning ways to transport a wide array of pricey drugs.

People are risky. Cars can be easily raided. Lorries are suspicious, often the prime culprit of drug transport. So, what was the vessel of choice this time? Containers of actual human sh*t, also on a lorry.


Have a look at a video of the officers searching for the drugs below: 

The vehicle was halted for a traffic spot while travelling on the main route between the towns of Cali and Andalucia in the western Colombian department of Valle del Cauca.

The lorry’s cargo was mostly organic waste – so traffic cops decided to quiz the 53-year-old driver. As police officers began to interrogate him, his answers indicated that something was askew. They were contradictory, something smelled… shitty.


With the help of firefighters, one cop went into the lorry’s container with an oxygen mask to rummage through the waste. During the search, the cop found a small compartment where 432 packets wrapped in blue plastic were found, according to local media.

Columbian Drug Haul 2Columbian Drug Haul 2CEN/@DevalPolicia

The packets reportedly contained 528 kilograms (1,164 lbs) of cocaine hydrochloride hidden among the human faeces and organic waste.

According to the local authorities, the cocaine has a value of over two billion COP (£470,000) while the vehicle itself is worth 300 million COP (£70,480).


Police spokesperson Oscar Atehortua said the drug traffickers concealed the cocaine among human faeces and organic waste to avoid detection. The driver, identified as Jesus Maria Castillo Zuluaga, was arrested and the cocaine was seized by the cops, with the investigation still continuing.

Columbian Drug Haul 6Columbian Drug Haul 6CEN/@DevalPolicia

In November last year, an entire drug operation in Tuscany was shut down – not by police officers, but by feral hogs.

Police heard the gang complaining the clever animals unearthed and broke into a sealed package of cocaine hidden in the Tuscan forest, near Montepulciano, before scattering £22,000 worth through woodland – allowing officers to dismantle their operation.

Feral HogFeral HogPixabay

In the US, the biggest cocaine haul in the country’s history came in summer last year – when authorities seized a total of 16 tonnes worth of the drug from a shipping port in Philadelphia.

As well as being valued at $1.1 billion, if all of the 15,000 bricks were lined up, they would have stretched to two-and-a-half miles.

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