Cops Fist Bump Each Other While Man Dies Being Restrained


Warning: Distressing footage.

American police don’t exactly have a glowing reputation for how they handle their suspects and this latest video isn’t going to help that whatsoever. 

Shocking footage has emerged of two police officers fist bumping over the death of a man who they had restrained with a spit sock.

Back in September last year Ben Anthony C de Baca, who had a history of mental illness, drove to a New Mexico Wal-Mart before hitting a parked car and destroying merchandise, New York Daily News reports.

The responding officers placed leg and wrist restraints on the 47-year-old man, before dragging him out of the store and laying him on his stomach on the parking lot floor.

C de Baca can be heard calling out to the officers in the footage, claiming he can’t breathe, but they seem to completely ignore his cries for help.

Only a few minutes later he was dead and officers could be seen fist-bumping while someone was giving the man CPR.

Medical examiners ruled his death a homicide by ‘excited delirium (cocaine intoxication) complicated by means of physical restraint.’

Rio Rancho Police Department went on to clear the officers of any wrongdoing, but the family are now planning a wrongful death suit the three law enforcement agencies involved.

Their attorney Ahmad Assed told reporters that he was incredibly disturbed by the officers casual response to de Baca’s demise.

He said:

That is the most troubling for me. It shows a sign for me that says, ‘We are not human. We know someone 10 feet away from us is dead as a result of what we may have done and we have the ability to fist bump one another on top of a dead body.’

An investigation into his death by the district attorney in Sandoval is now underway.