Corey Feldman Names Hollywood Child Abusers In Newly Discovered Tape


Police in California have uncovered a tape on which actor Corey Feldman lists the names of the men in Hollywood who allegedly abused him.

In October, Feldman said he’d given the names of ‘sexual predators in Hollywood’ to the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office way back in 1993 during their investigation into Michael Jackson’s molestation charges.

Until now, the Sheriff’s Office denied The Lost Boys star’s claims, saying they had ‘no records’ of Feldman revealing such information.

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But now, it has been revealed the tapes have ‘been uncovered’ and handed to the LAPD.

Kelly Hoover, of Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office told Fox News on Tuesday night:

Following the recent inquiries into the Sheriff’s Office interview of Mr. Feldman in 1993, the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office conducted an additional review for any stored items remaining from the Michael Jackson investigation.

In a container which included the original reports from the investigation, the Sheriff’s Office located some detective working copies of audio recordings made during the investigation. A copy of Mr. Feldman’s interview was located.

The recording is being turned over to the Los Angeles Police Department. Due to the fact that this case involves the alleged sexual abuse of a child, we are unable to comment further and any documentation or evidence related to this case is exempt from release.

Fox News said they had originally contacted the Sheriff’s Office in October at which time they responded: ‘We are aware of the statements that Mr. Feldman is making regarding an investigation in 1993. Our records do not indicate that he named any suspects.’

The 46-year-old actor claimed in an interview he had ‘sat down’ and ‘given them names.’ He went on to state, ‘They’re on record. They have all this information.’


Feldman made claims in 2012 about how paedophilia has been and always will be, the biggest scandal in Hollywood – and how it’s being covered up to protect some rich and powerful people.

So when the New York Times broke the story of allegations of sexual abuse by Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein, resulting in men and women in the industry stepping forward to share their encounters, people started to take him more seriously.

Corey Haim’s name was in the news last month after Feldman spoke out about how the late actor was being abused by a Hollywood paedophile ring.

Feldman and Haim, who died in 2010, were both allegedly raped by Hollywood moguls as boys and in a 2016 interview with ABC News, Feldman said:

I can tell you the number one problem was and is and always will be, paedophilia.

It’s all done under the radar. It’s the big secret. I was surrounded by them when I was 14 years old. Literally. They were everywhere, like vultures.

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Apparently, the figures are ‘still prominent within the business’ today but the man was not Harvey Weinstein, who’s been under the spotlight so intensely recently.

Feldman has set up ‘The Truth Campaign’ through which he’s raising money to turn his story into a film, and to expose those who abused him.

On site IndieGoGo site, he is asking for ‘friends, fans, family, industry peers, and people from all walks of life’ to pitch in as he ‘fights back’ against the Hollywood system.

Hopefully Feldman, and everybody else affected, will get justice.