Corey Feldman Names ‘Hollywood Paedophiles’ To Police

by : UNILAD on : 02 Nov 2017 18:21
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Corey Feldman has reportedly turned over names of a group of professionals in Hollywood he alleges abused him and fellow child actors, including the late Corey Haim.


Feldman appeared on ‘Today’ to reveal his plan to name and shame the accused moguls and producers, but he wants to raise $10 million online before so he can make a film on the subject.

Haim’s mother has objected to the notion, saying Feldman doesn’t need the money to do it. In a separate interview with Dr. Mehmet Oz, Feldman can be seen confirming the identity of one of the alleged predators.

According to Anonymous, he told Dr. Mehmet Oz:


This guy on his ­MySpace page and his Facebook page has got pictures of me and Corey Haim. He still taunts it and flaunts it.

I’m going to give you [the LAPD] the names of everybody . . . everybody I’ve got knowledge of, and I would like you to start putting the pressure on all of them.

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Of one accused paedophile, Feldman adds:

They’re living in Mexico . . . I found that out a week-and-a-half ago. I had a very lovely fan — I don’t even know that they’re a fan or just somebody that cares about this topic. But somebody on my Twitter feed posted a video saying, ‘This is the guy.’

The former child star has even cancelled a music tour so he can devote his entire time to the fundraising campaign.

Last week he had been arrested on a marijuana charge just days after making allegations of a Hollywood paedophile ring.

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Feldman was arrested in Louisiana after he was pulled over in his tour bus for speeding.


He was taken to Mangham police station where he was charged with counts of speeding, driving with a suspended license, and possession of marijuana, according to KNOE8News.

He was released after paying a fine, though said he was never properly arrested, and was slapped with a misdemeanour because one of his crew had medical marijuana.

An official statement from Police Chief Perry Fleming said:

On 21st day of October 2017, Officer Waters stopped a RV for speeding on HWY 425 in Mangham. Officer Waters made contact with the driver, Corey Scott Feldman, of Woodlawn Hills, California.

Officer Waters ran his drivers license which were suspended. Feldman was transported to the Mangham Police department. Upon arrival at the Mangham Police department Officer Monnin smelled what appeared to be marijuana.

The statement continues to detail the arrests made and the charges on each person in the tour bus. Feldman paid his fine and was released, along with all the members of his crew.

Feldman has called the timing of his arrest ‘ironic’, but insists no illegal street drugs were found.

He tweeted in response:

I was not arrested or put in jail. I received a misdemeanor in Louisiana, due to a member of my crew having medical marijuana, with a legal CA prescription, I had nothing on me, but was charged because it’s my bus.

Also five others were charged due to having legal medicines without their particular bottles. No illegal or street drugs were found on the bus at all! Which is why nobody spent the night in jail.


We’ll keep you updated.

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