Could Ice Cube And Kevin Hart Be The Coolest Driving Instructors Ever?


In this awesome new sketch, Ice Cube and Kevin Hart joined Conan O’ Brien and one of his employees – a learner driver – to teach her the rules of the road.

The pair are promoting their movie Ride Along 2 and in a previous episode of the sketch (which aired in 2013) they taught Conan himself how to roll around Hollywood. But this latest instalment sees all three of them give Diana Chang a driving lesson.

The hilarious clip was filmed in a student driver vehicle during a cruise around Los Angeles, and to try and ease Diana’s nerves the pair give her some ‘top tips’ – including Hart’s to ‘throw pennies’ at people who cut her up and to never drive a car without electric windows.

You also have to ask yourself just how Diana manages to keep her cool in the midst of Ice Cube trying to prepare her for a drive-by and Kevin Hart talking about having coke blown up your arse.

However, Ice Cube does have one solid gold piece of advice for everyone out there, and when Ice Cube gives advice you take heed muthafucka:

Tupac was one of the biggest thugs I know, and he always wore his seatbelt.

The sketch is genuinely hilarious, pretty much from start to finish – is it easier to score in San Pedro or San Peedro? Who knows and who the fuck cares.