Could This Be The Most Brutal Prank Ever?



I genuinely think this could be one of the most brutal pranks I’ve ever seen in my life…

Admittedly it’s from a couple of years ago, but due to its terrifying perfection, it has recently resurfaced and begun doing the rounds all over again…

Known simply as ‘Organ Theft Prank’ the background seems to be that these guys relentlessly prank each other with their antics getting more and more hardcore each time.

Apparently this one is revenge for them faking his girlfriend’s death!?

A massive amount of effort has obviously gone into this – from fake blood, to a brilliantly faked up fucking news broadcast, to renting a motel room.

This is undeniably brutal and although we can’t really condone feeding people sleeping pills without their knowledge, the dude’s reaction when he comes to is absolutely priceless.


That is terror in its purest form that you just can’t fake. Fair play to these guys, that is devastatingly devious pranking.