Council Upholds Parking Fine Of Man Who Was Suffering Suspected Heart Attack

Darren Quinton/Birmingham Mail

A four-time heart attack victim has been told by his local council that he must pay a fine for leaving his car unattended, despite exiting the vehicle over fears he was entering cardiac arrest again.

Dave Hands, 64, made an emergency stop after experiencing severe chest pains, exiting the car to get to friends he knew worked in a local arcade and in order to take his medication.

Once his symptoms had settled down he returned to the car to find a parking ticket fining him £35.

Dave is now in Edgbaston’s QE Hospital after suffering a suspected fifth heart attack but was informed that, having missed the early payment period, the fine has doubled to £70 and has been upheld.

Darren Quinton/Birmingham Mail

The 64-year-old has commented from hospital to the Birmingham Mail citing his intention to appeal.

He said:

No-one, but no-one, could drive with chest pains, irrespective of what the council may think.

Life is more important.

I stopped my car and removed myself to a place of safety and used my medication as directed.

I think it’s a disgrace. What the council is doing is actively encouraging people to drive when clearly they should not be driving.

I stopped straight away. What if I’d carried on and hit a mother or a child?”

Birmingham City Council has released a statement saying that should an appeal be rejected Dave can continue to fight via an independent appeal.

You can’t blame the parking attendant in this case, but how the council hasn’t waived the fine yet is a shockingly naive endorsement of dangerous driving.