Countdown Viewers Shocked As Rachel Riley Spells Out ‘OK I Squirt’

by : UNILAD on : 01 Feb 2018 15:03
Channel 4

Even a beloved daytime TV show so mild-mannered and vanilla, such as Countdown, can occasionally produce moments of shock and red-faced embarrassment.

The dirty content in question appeared on the Channel 4 daytime brain-teasing quiz show – content which would most likely be right at home for their late night edition, 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown.


The night-time version is probably not appropriate during the daytime, when your nan is sitting at home dipping into her tea and biscuits.

YouTube/Channel 4

The NSFW moment came about during a recent episode in which assistant and resident mathematical,  Rachel Riley spelt out the word ‘squirt’, which was given by one of the contestants. Fairly innocuous so far right?

Well it all changed when the remaining words spelt out the words ‘ok I..’… as in ‘ok I Squirt’.


It didn’t help matters when poor Rachel had to stand next to the word board, as she tried to contain her laughter and perhaps sheer awkwardness of what transpired.

As I mentioned before, if this had been 8 Out Of Ten Cats Does Countdown she’d have been well within her right to react to the juvenile hysterics, followed by a thinly barbed joke delivered by host Jimmy Carr.

Alas, this was the main show (i.e. the not so fun one) so Riley was forced to play it off like nothing happened – which she did well, as all she could muster was a little rye smile as if to say, ‘I know what you’re thinking you filthy-minded philistines’.


Proving how even daytime Countdown won’t stop her from having a sense of humour, she posted a photo on Twitter with the caption: ‘Just another day at the office…’.

This isn’t the first time the word board on Countdown has landed Riley into a less than flattering situation.

While it might be the norm on the late night version the daytime show has it’s equal share of unintentional NSFW moments.

Moments which Twitter account @daytimesnaps has so lovingly compiled:


Riley isn’t alone in having a triple-X content turning up on her word board – her predecessor Carol Vorderman –  a mathematical prodigy in her own right – had her fair share of wording gaffs too, including imaginative words such as: ‘spunk’, ‘fart’, ‘porn’, ‘MILF’ and my personal favourite ‘c*ntflap’.


Last year former Match Of Day 2 host, Adrian Chiles caused quite a stir on Dictionary Corner when he came up with an impressive eight letter word, which he passed off to the show’s language expert Susie Dent, who revealed it as – ‘gobsh*te’.

She also provided the Oxford Dictionary definition to the explicit word, which happens to be ‘a stupid, foolish, or incompetent person’.

Sounds like the description my ex-girlfriend had for me moments before she decided to bring an end to our toxic relationship.

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