Counter Strike Pro Destroys Other Team Without Crosshair


The Counter Strike pro scene is well known for its impressive plays and lethal kills, but a recent livestream from Spencer ‘Hiko’ Martin saw some brutal justice doled out. 

Anyone involved with the Counter Strike community will know that Hiko is a hell of a player – despite losing to former ally Oleksandr ‘S1mple’ Kostyliev in last weekend’s semifinals, he just showed the world he’s still not to be fucked with by bossing a round without even using a crosshair.

With his only ally shot dead in front of him, a pistol with no crosshair, and the entire enemy team out for his blood, the writing would have been on the wall for pretty much anyone else.

However – much to the bafflement of even Hiko himself – he somehow pulled through, obliterating the entire team himself and winning the match.

You can check out the full round below – it’s pretty crazy stuff.

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