Couple Arrested As Murder Prank Goes Horribly Wrong

Sandusky Police Department

In one of the worst practical jokes of 2017 so far, a couple have been arrested after faking a murder scene to prank their friends and family.

On Thursday night Micah Risner doused his fiancee Nataleigh Schlette with ketchup in a bathtub and placed a knife next to her, before raising the alarm, INSIDE Edition reports.

Police were called to the scene in Sandusky, Ohio, after receiving a number of 911 calls from worried family members and friends who thought the murder was actually for real.

Sandusky Police Department

Officers soon realised it was faked and promptly arrested and charged Risner and Schlette for inducing panic.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Police Chief John Orzech said the couple had told them that Risner’s sister had stolen money from them and it was their way of trying to get her to come back to the house, adding it was a very ‘bad joke’… no shit.

Police have since released copies of some the text messages Risner had sent to his sister.

Sandusky Police Department

“Please help me! I really didn’t mean to. I don’t remember. We was arguing and I woke up to this,” Risner said to his sister. She responded: “What the fuck is she dead Michah?? Answer me now!!”

“I woke up on the bathroom floor with blood on me. And her like that. I’m trying to clean. But I don’t know if I shoumd,” Risner wrote back, before he was informed that the police were on their way to investigate.

“Why the cops coming? Don’t call the cops,” he text.

His sister responded: “(I don’t know) what’s going on. Just to be safe… I didn’t call them Mican. Delete all this from your phone.”

Micah Risner/Facebook

Risner even went as far as to post a status on Facebook to make his friends believe the murder prank was real, adding that he had ‘messed up’.

They pleaded not guilty to the charges on Friday.