Couple Destroy ‘Priceless Clock’ At Museum In Painful To Watch Video


As a kid, there are but two simple rules when visiting museums on a school trip.

The first is buddy up – and don’t you dare lose that friend.

Secondly, you are not to touch the exhibits. Unfortunately, this couple clearly never received the necessary death stare from their teacher to reinforce this particular lesson.

As reported by the Daily Mirror, CCTV at at the National Watch and Clock Museum, in Columbia, Pennsylvania, captured the moment a mature couple decided to piss all over the rule book.

Intrigued by the sculptural timepiece made by artist James Borden, the man in the video reaches out to inspect its pendulum.

And it is all downhill from there…

After the guy lures his female partner in crime to take a closer look at the ‘priceless’ exhibit, the clock promptly falls from the wall with several components breaking off.

The man tries in vain to rehang the clock, but it appears the damage has already been done.

And, staying true to his naughty schoolboy image, rather than look for the nearest member of staff, the man turns tail and legs it.

Excellent work guys, that clock will never hurt anyone again.