Couple Disgusted After Finding Dead Moth In McDonald’s Burger

maccies 77 webMirror

One couple were faced with a rather unpleasant and stomach churning shock when they decided to grab a couple of burgers at McDonald’s, finding a moth in one of the BBQ Smokehouse burgers.

Chris Birch, 32, and his partner Michael Lloyd, 30, visited the Mersey Retail Park branch, in Speke, Liverpool, and while there was nothing wrong with Chris’ burger, he noticed that Michael didn’t seem too happy with what he had just bitten into, and when he asked his partner what was wrong, he probably didn’t expect to be told there was a moth in the burger.


Chris claimed:

I took a bite into mine and it was fine, and he took a bite into his and I looked at his face and it was just white.

I thought What the hell is wrong? What is happening to him? I thought he was having a heart attack, then he said there was a moth in his burger.

According to the couple, they complained to the staff, who were less than sympathetic, claiming that it must have just been ‘in the lettuce’.

Michael then had to work a ten hour shift without eating, after feeling too sick to stomach any other food, and it’s hard to blame him!