Couple Find Note Hidden Inside Bathroom Walls While Redecorating


Remodelling a newly purchased house is a bit of a chore and can be a strain on the old bank balance.

When you start to alter the previous foundations, you can expect to come across a lot of issues.

Mess is always one guarantee, broken floorboards, holes in walls and – if you’re really unlucky – a burst pipe or two.

What you wouldn’t expect to find though is a message from the past, from the house’s previous owners asking ‘what was wrong with the room in the first place?’.

Message in the wall from 1995@alexmonney/Twitter

Yet this is what one couple discovered when they were renovating the bathroom of their home.

Husband and wife, Jess and Alex Monney, from San Francisco’s Bay Area in the US, were renovating their bathroom when they came across an unexpected message from the previous owners.

It was first discovered by a contractor who was stripping their bathroom – during his work he came across a note, hidden in the walls, which read:

Hi! We’re the Shinsuki’s! We remodelled this bathroom Summer 1995.

If you’re reading this, that means you’re remodelling the bathroom again. What’s wrong with the way we did it?!?!?

A Message from the Shinsuki family in 1995@alexmonney/Twitter

If this wasn’t strange already, things got even weirder when they discovered a message left by the Shinsuki’s pet bunny rabbit, Cassie, who kindly added she was ‘potty trained’.

Charmed by the novelty of the previous owner’s message, Alex (who works as a Senior PR Officer for video games developer Ubisoft) took a picture of the notes and uploaded them to Twitter where, at the time of writing, it’s been liked over 80,000 times.

Alex said to Buzzfeed:

Jess and I thought it was hilarious! Totally unexpected so it gave us a good laugh throughout the day.

While they’ve never met the previous occupants of their home, Alex wants the Shinsuki’s to know:

Your bathroom, and home, is lovely. It has given us a lot of beautiful memories and we can’t wait to raise our little baby girl here.

Sorry we’re changing the bathroom, but the shower is too small for me to fit in (I’m 6′ and my wife is 5′). Thank you for the amazing surprise!

Inspired by the message left by the Shinsukis, Alex and Jess say they plan to add one of their own to the wall before completing the remodelling.

While messages from a different time period are always cool, some have to be taken with a pinch of salt… or suspicion. One classic example is from messengers claiming to be from the future.

One guy who doesn’t seem so concerned about shaking up the space-time continuum is so-called time-traveller Noah.

Check out his video of the future here:

Noah claims to be from the year 2030 (which isn’t all that far away in the grand scheme of things). However, Noah also claims to have a video that was taken in the year 2120, which he travelled to as part of a top-secret mission, reports ApexTV.

Apparently, the traveller is back in 2018 to spread his message ‘after a failed mission’ and to ‘spread the truth about time travel’.

If he knows who wins this year’s World Cup tell him to give me a shout. I wouldn’t mind putting a bet on for the final – I need the money!

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