Couple Get Married In Bride And Groom T-Shirts To Show Weddings Don’t Have To Be Expensive

by : Cameron Frew on : 11 Sep 2019 17:05
Couple Get Married In Bride And Groom T-Shirts To Show Weddings Don't Have To Be ExpensiveCouple Get Married In Bride And Groom T-Shirts To Show Weddings Don't Have To Be ExpensiveLuiza Olover/Kennedy News

A happy couple tied the knot in bride and groom t-shirts, showing that weddings don’t have to be a cripplingly expensive affair


Throwing the traditional notions of an extravagant dress and kilt out the window, the couple arrived on the big day in much comfier clothing.

Rebecca Maxwell, 26, from Northumberland, wore a white ‘Bride’ t-shirt with black jeans and white Converses while her husband Glen Maxwell, 30, donned a black t-shirt with ‘Groom’ emblazoned across it, with matching jeans and trainers.

Bride and Groom t-shirts wedding 3Bride and Groom t-shirts wedding 3Luiza Oliver/Kennedy News

Rebecca explained when they started planning the wedding, they found themselves accommodating everyone bar themselves.


The newlywed said: 

Our guest list was getting out of hand. You feel like you have to invite people because you don’t want to upset them rather than because you want them there.

We had spent hours looking through Pinterest at all the dresses, cakes and decorations and you do get sucked in.

But at the end of the day, Glen and I just really weren’t bothered about all of that.

The couple decided to opt for personalised t-shirts, and asked all 40 family and friends attending the wedding to rock up in jeans and t-shirts too.

Bride and Groom t-shirts wedding 6Bride and Groom t-shirts wedding 6Luiza Oliver/Kennedy News

The newlyweds, who have a nine-month-old daughter Eleanor, got engaged in August 2016 and the wheels of planning a large wedding were immediately put in motion.

But, after feeling like they’d lost sight of why they were getting married in the first place – Rebecca said it was if they were following Pinterest’s big day template – they went realised low-key was best.

Rebecca added: 

I had even bought a wedding dress but after having Eleanor I went to try it on again and I ended up crying. It just was not what I wanted at all.

Glen made a flippant comment, saying: ‘We could get married in jeans and t-shirts and I’d still love you’ and that was that.

Bride and Groom t-shirts wedding 5Bride and Groom t-shirts wedding 5Luiza Oliver/Kennedy News

Rebecca, a GCSE and A-Level tutor, and Glen, who works in security, like ‘simple things’. ‘We don’t like big holidays and fancy nights out. We just love each other’s company,’ Rebecca explained.

They ditched the plans for an extravagant do after pricing it up. As of 2018, the average wedding in the UK costs £30,355, reports the Independent .

Now the lovebirds are sharing snaps from their wedding to show people that ‘as long as you marry the person you love, surrounded by people you love, your day will be special’.

Bride and Groom t-shirts wedding 2Bride and Groom t-shirts wedding 2Luiza Oliver/Kennedy News

Rebecca said:

What was special was that we were going to join together and I was going to have the same surname as my little girl. A big dress or fancy day, that all paled into insignificance.

I want to show other brides that if they don’t have a big budget, it doesn’t matter. They don’t have to spend a fortune or put all that pressure on themselves.

Your wedding, according to Rebecca, ‘should be about how in love you are.’

The bride added: ‘I don’t know anyone who gets married just because they think their partner is alright.’

Alright, congratulations to you both!

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