Couple Reveal How They Retired In Their 30’s And Now Travel The World


Retiring at such an early point in your life and having the chance to travel the globe may sound like a dream, but for one couple, the never-ending holiday soon became a reality.

Jeremy Jacobson and partner Winnie Tseng – along with their nearly year-old son Julian – are currently sunning it up in Malaysia’s Penang Island and recently their travels have taken them to Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, Ecuador, Taiwan, Japan, Thailand and many more exotic places.

Jealous? Yeah, massively. But to be fair to them they sacrificed a hell of a lot to get to this point of luxury.

About 13 years ago, Jeremy and Winnie decided to get serious about their savings goals. They began working and tried to live a cheaper lifestyle, saving a staggering 70 per cent of their income for a decade.

They sold their house, their car and lived in a small, cheap apartment which was in walking distance from all their everyday necessities.

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They cooked at home, walked or cycled everywhere – or used public transport, and just completely ignored consumerism. A difficult task.

In their blog, they wrote:

To get to a high savings rate, we cut spending in the areas that are typically the largest money drains: transportation (a car), housing, food, and entertainment.

In their blog, Go Curry Cracker – which provides advice about following the same path they have – they explain that they had normal lives, grew up in low income families, went to university and took out student loans (like many of us).

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But once their savings account began to increase – because of their frugal lifestyle – they started to invest and they said it was ‘probably the most valuable skill one could ever learn’, and the key to their own success.

After 10 years they built up a multi-million dollar portfolio, according to The Daily Telegraph.

Jeremy – from Seattle in the U.S., and Winnie – originally from Taiwan – reportedly had a combined salary during those years of around $AUD187,000.

Understandably, their friends and family were pretty shocked when they announced they would be retiring and planning to travel the world.

And they now finance their worldwide exploits with dividends of around $AUD5500 per month. Just, insane.

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But obviously this wasn’t all plain sailing. In their blog they point out that achieving this dream so young takes ‘effort and dedication’, and that you will inevitably make mistakes along the way.

In their blog, it says:

At times, your friends may question your sanity. But the journey itself is fun and exciting, and the rewards are more than worth it.
‘What is the secret? It doesn’t require winning the lottery, inheriting a windfall, or getting lucky on some penny stocks. There is really only one thing that determines how quickly you could join us on the road: Savings Rate’.

They use their blog and social media platforms to share their secrets through in-depth articles and tips for saving and travelling on the cheap.

All I can say is sign me up!