Couple Who Wanted To Lose Weight Before Their Wedding Are Now Bodybuilders

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A couple who decided to get in shape before their wedding now enjoy working out so much, they’ve become bodybuilders.


Michael, 25, and Emma Hoe, 28, from Hull, shed five stone between them in the run-up to their big day last September.

The couple, who met six years ago, admitted they used to eat “anything and everything” and Emma says she hated working out.

But, after taking up a strict exercise and healthy eating regimen, Emma dropped from 15st to 11st and a dress size 16 to 10 while Michael lost a stone and reduced his body fat percentage from 20% to 8%.


Speaking to the Mail Online, Emma said:

We never paid much attention to our diets. We used to eat a lot of chocolate and between us at least two tubs of Ben and Jerry’s a week. We used to have pizza a lot and have very large portioned meals without any thought to what was in them. Chicken wings were our guilty pleasure after falling in love with them while in Vegas.

However after our trip to Vegas, I was not happy with how I looked in the pictures, and with our wedding booked, I started to think about losing weight. I wanted to look the best I could on our wedding day.

After Michael popped the question in Vegas, Emma made the decision to slim down and dropped to a size 10 for her wedding day. Michael joined his fiancée on her health kick so he could lose some fat, tone up and become more muscular ahead of their big day.

Michael said:

I had been weight training at home for several years without any structured plan or focus on my diet. I had gained a decent size but did not have a good look, I felt like I was wasting my time so I had to step it up and change. Emma wanted to look the best she could ahead of our wedding and I decided to do the same, it was good motivation for both of us.

After hearing about the brand LDN Muscle on Twitter, Mrs Hoe decided to use their ‘Bikini Guide’ to get advice on exercise and healthy eating, while her husband followed the LDN ‘Muscle Cutting Guide’. Both plans recommended working out with weights and following a low fat, high protein diet.

And, after tying the knot and going on their honeymoon, the couple actually stuck to their strict exercise regimen, and as an incentive to keep training, they have even started entering bodybuilding competitions.


Michael added:

I’ve always been into it, growing up watching guys like Arnie and The Rock. I introduced Emma to it as the best way for her to get in shape. Like most women she was dubious about weight training but she soon learnt to love it when she saw the results.

They are both now ambassadors for Bodybuilding Warehouse with Emma recently winning one of their competitions, and they hope they can next win the bodybuilding title of Mr and Mrs Hull. This is one committed couple!

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