Couples Describe Each Other To Police Sketch Artist, Results Are Hilarious

by : UNILAD on : 22 Jul 2015 13:30

In a new video, couples were asked to describe their significant other to a police sketch artist as best they could.


And the outcome makes for some interesting viewing. After all, just how would you describe your partner? It’s more difficult than you might think.

The ladies taking the challenge seemed to err on the side of using celebrities as comparisons – “He has circles under his eyes. Like, if you took Ryan Gosling and just made him look a little more tired.”

The guys’ descriptions, on the other hand, were a bit more out there and weirdly personal – “Very kind of sweet looking, but underlying evil and anguish.” Wow!


Luckily, the six couples who took the Distractify challenge found the results more hilarious than upsetting, and we didn’t have to endure watching any awkward break-ups on camera!

Although we really do fear for the lad who referred to his girlfriend as “a poor man’s Eva Mendes”. I’m not sure that one will go down a storm when she watches this back, mate!

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    These Couples Describe Each Other To A Police Sketch Artist And It’s Hilarious