Couple’s Halloween Display So Gruesome Neighbours Call Police

by : Francesca Donovan on : 27 Sep 2017 10:01
Krysten Noelle Negrotto/Facebook

A New Jersey couple have just displayed the ultimate Halloween spirit – but some of their neighbours think they’ve taken the fake blood too far. 


When Krysten and Kevin put their creative thinking caps on they came up with an idea to construct a tongue-in-cheek zombie-themed display outside their home. Think Zombieland meets Shaun of the Dead.

But when some people missed the post-apocalyptic nod, they mistook the scene for a distasteful bash at car crash victims and even called the cops to complain.

Krysten Noelle Negrotto/Facebook

The scene was elaborately set up with a ‘zombie’ mannequin pinned to a tree outside the couple’s Waretown home by a blood-splattered white car.


Krysten is horrified people have mistaken her creative streak for a misguided scene of human horror. Instead, she explains, the intricate display was intended to tell the story she and her partner made up about ‘Zombie Bob’.

Krysten’s display was explained with this sign all along:

Krysten Noelle Negrotto/Facebook

Here’s the story of ‘Zombie Bob’ from Krysten Negrotto herself:

On October 5th, 2017, the government announced that Oyster Creek has a leak, and leaked into Ocean County’s drinking water! There were reports of erratic zombie-like behavior all over Ocean County. Residents all over were showing signs of illness, mass panic erupted!

Next thing we knew, Bob started to pace and foam from the mouth, he was twitching and talking fast. We became worried. It was as if he was becoming a ZOMBIE! Within minutes we were being chased down our street!!

HE WAS A ZOMBIE! He was out for blood. We had to act fast, so we ran to the Supra, jumped in, gave it gas, and hoped for the best! ZOMBIE DOWN! I repeat, ZOMBIE DOWN! RIP ZOMBIE Bob. Happy Halloween, everyone!

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The Negrottos also bedecked the rest of their front garden with the traditional inflatables, jack o’ lanterns, and tombstones, and they simply decided to add to the scene with an appropriately seasonal and local backstory.

But it seems some observers missed Zombie Bob’s backstory and took offence, sending the police to the Negrotto’s front door after complaining.


Krysten has criticised media portrayals of her display, saying it fuelled the controversy:

Posted by Nora Muchanic on Friday, 20 October 2017

Krysten now wants to set the record straight, and posted a message to Facebook:

My 5 year old son loves Supras (the car). And came up with zombie bob so we made it happen! It’s not to bash or make fun of anyone. It’s all about zombies. It’s about HALLOWEEN.

Sorry for the confusion and lies these reporters are spreading! RIP Zombie Bob! Happy Halloween!

So as not to cause upset and offence, she has even clarified the display with an extra can of red spray paint.

It’s worth noting the authorities thought the display was pretty funny, and the family aren’t in any trouble.

Perhaps this display isn’t the scariest thing to have been sparked by the Halloween spirit… But the ceasless, unfair and uninformed trolling Krysten and Kevin have since been receiving is pretty grim.

Happy Halloween, folks!

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